Derived from Topazos, a small island in the Red Sea where the Romans first uncovered and labeled the gemstone centuries ago, Topaz jewelry is experiencing a veritable revival. Inspired by the colors of the region, Caribbean Topaz has created a unique collection of fine jewelry featuring designer made topaz gemstones in a rainbow of colors that offer an affordable memento to fit anyone’s wallet. What’s more, duty free retailer Jewels & Time is offering a FREE TOPAZ GEMSTONE to readers of the Jamaica Tourist.

Specially crafted to reflect the sparkle of the islands, this beautiful jewelry collection features designer made gemstones that are fashioned to capture the vivid colors of the Caribbean. A favorite among collectors, light seems to flicker and dance in the gemstones, creating colors that sparkle – a sparkle that is unique to the islands.

While topaz is colorless in its pure form, the November birthstone occurs naturally in a wide range of colors including yellow, blue, pink, peach, gold, green, red, and brown. Once valued in Ancient Rome and Egypt for its fiery resemblance to the setting sun, the talisman for yellow topaz is the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Red and pink topaz gems were used in the jewelry of the 18th and 19th Century Russian Czarinas, and thus acquired the name Imperial Topaz, which is the 23rd wedding anniversary gemstone. The most famous topaz in the world is the 1680 carat colorless ‘Braganza Diamond’, which was originally thought to be a diamond and is set in the Portuguese Crown Jewels. While orange topaz is the state gemstone of Utah, Texas has laid claim to the rare blue topaz, frequently listed as a birthstone for December. Any color topaz is traditional in gifts for the 4th and 19th wedding anniversary.

As early as 1750, a Parisian jeweler discovered that the yellow Brazilian topaz became pink when exposed to moderate heat, and this treatment has been extensively refined over the centuries. Affordable, designer made topaz gemstones are now created in a kaleidoscope of colors by putting top quality, pure gemstones through a “Green Process”, coating the underside of the cut gem with a very thin titanium layer. As light passes through the gemstones, the titanium changes the reflection of the light, creating a rainbow of colors that seems to change with every movement. Completely environmentally friendly, the process does not use toxic chemicals, destroy natural resources or form hazardous waste.

Topaz is prized throughout the world for its hardness, clarity and ability to provide strength, protection and vision. The gemstone offers beautiful versatility in rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets. Said to purify emotions, increase cosmic awareness and remove stagnant energy, topaz jewelry holds its own mystical properties and meanings. An exceptional keepsake or gift, the tradition of giving gifts of topaz jewelry dates back thousands of years, when it was believed that the energies of the mystical, powerful Pluto would be absorbed by the wearer through the gem. Some believe it serves as a life guide, helping the wearer chart the course of his life, instilling courage in the bearer.

Now, designer made topaz gemstones from Caribbean Topaz are available in a multitude of colors including clear pink, blue, yellow, brown, orange and even black. The hot color for the coming season is Caribbean Crush Topaz - a lush fresh green and a breathtaking keepsake of your Caribbean experience. Now, duty free retailers Jewels & Time is tempting Jamaica Tourist readers with a FREE 1 carat Caribbean Topaz GEMSTONE simply for stopping by to try on any piece of jewelry from the Caribbean Topaz collection.

Says Prem Mahtani, General Manager of duty free retailers Jewels & Time, “Our best selling colors are “Tropical Green”, which promotes healing, abundance and self-control and “Translucent Blue”, which increases spiritual awareness and elevates the soul. Both colors pay homage to the deep blues and greens of the region and are representative of its magical light.”

Don’t forget to stop by Jewels & Time to pick up your FREE Caribbean Topaz GEMSTONE during your vacation. Explains Mahtani, “The Caribbean Topaz jewelry collection offers simple, elegant designs and is great value for the money. You can trade in your gemstone for further savings on any purchase from the jewelry collection or for a small charge, you can have your free gemstone set into a 14 karat gold pendant. The jewelry collection has been extremely popular with visitors looking for an affordable memento from their Caribbean vacation.”


Here are a few of the benefits of Topaz:
  • Promotes individuality and creativity
  • Helps to remove doubts about decisions and enhances confidence
  • Promotes the expression of ideas
  • Said to assist in “lighting the divine light of imagination”
  • Acts as a catalytic trigger, activates the laws of attraction and manifestation in desires
  • Prompting receptivity and willingness to act
  • Helps to creatively change ones personal world
  • Improves stamina and helps with exhaustion and stress
  • Enhances mental clarity, focus, perception and enhances the ability to grasp high-level concepts
  • The effects of topaz are said to be enhanced when combined with silver
  • Red: action, confidence, courage, vitality
  • Pink: love, beauty
  • Brown: earth, order, convention
  • Orange: vitality with endurance
  • Gold: wealth, prosperity, wisdom
  • Yellow: wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy
  • Green: life, nature, fertility, well being
  • Blue: youth, spirituality, truth, peace
  • Purple: royalty, magic, mystery
  • Indigo: intuition, meditation, deep contemplation
  • White: purity, cleanliness
  • Black: death, earth, stability
  • Gray: sorrow, security, maturity
Actively involved in fund-raising for the Jamaica Cancer Society, the Jewels & Time “Walk Good” team has participated in the St. Ann/St.Mary “Relay for Life” walk every year since its inception. Winners of best “Team Spirit” award every year and the award for “Highest Team Collection” two out of the three years, Jewels & Time are increasing their efforts through the Caribbean Topaz collection. With the purchase of a pair of pink earrings (US$59) from the Caribbean Topaz collection, Jewels & Time will donate US$15 to the Jamaican Cancer Society on your behalf.

Set in 14 karat white or yellow gold, the Caribbean Topaz jewelry collection is now available in many dynamic patented colors: Tropical Green, Translucent Blue, Fiery Twilight, Ocean Blue, Pink Passion, Canary Yellow, and Garden Green. Simple designs, as well as diamond or white topaz accent collections are also available. All genuine Caribbean Topaz gems are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and special care instructions.

Caribbean Topaz is available in Jamaica at Jewels & Time Duty Free Jewelry stores located in Montego Bay at The Shoppes at Rose Hall and City Centre Shopping Mall (tel: 953-4600). They are also located in Ocho Rios at Island Village Shopping Centre and Tajmahal Plaza (tel: 675-8762). You can also reach them via email at
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