Living in Jamaica has its advantages, one being that your family will always want to come and visit your new homeland. When Stefanie Parey-Smith’s family arrived on “The Rock” from Ohio, US to visit her new place of residence, she wanted to make sure that they fell in love with Jamaica too. While it is difficult to decide what to do with first time visitors to the island, one of the most popular tourist attractions and a guaranteed thrill is the Caribbean’s most popular marine attraction: Dolphin Cove. Explains the retail professional; “My main concern was to figure out the best places to take my family, so that they enjoyed the island and came to love it as much as I do!” Stefanie tells us of her family visit to the newly opened Dolphin Cove Negril.

Explains Stefanie; “One of my mother’s dreams in life was to swim with the dolphins. Easy, you might think. Just schedule a trip to Dolphin Cove Ocho Rios and be done with it. But Dolphin Cove has now provided visitors with the additional option of Dolphin Cove Negril.”

After researching both options, the ex-pat settled on Dolphin Cove Negril in Lucea, a convenient option and perfect combination with a daytrip to Negril. “After much deliberation, I chose to take my family to Lucea, a decision I was so glad I made,” she said.

After leaving Montego Bay early in the morning, the family arrived at Dolphin Cove Negril in less than 45 minutes. Describes Stefanie: “The marine attraction appears out of nowhere and seems like an oasis. We checked in for our dolphin program, filled out our release forms and saw the camels. My mother got excited, where else would she have the opportunity to ride a camel? We added a camel ride to our list of things to do and started marking off items on our bucket lists. Walking out to the lagoon, we were amazed at how serene the environment was and how secluded it felt.”

Continues Stefanie: “We learnt important details about dolphins, such as the fact that they are considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world and that they are mammals who give live births and breathe oxygen. Each dolphin is trained with cues and we were instructed on how to communicate with them so that they would dance sing and kiss our cheeks. We had chosen the ‘Swim with the Dolphin’ encounter which meant we were in the ocean with them for about 25 - 30 mins. After our introduction, we were given life vests and got our first up close look at the dolphins.”

Explains Stefanie: “The first time you are within a foot of a bottlenose dolphin is a time you will never forget. A smile immediately comes to your face and the excitement grows as you realize that in a few moments, you will be jumping into the water to play with these magnificent creatures”

Describing the experience of touching the dolphins, Stefanie marvels at the amazing feel of the mammals; “The awe you feel at being close to these great mammals is almost overwhelming. We were taken through several tasks with the dolphins, and it soon became apparent that we were the ones being trained. Everyone was in great spirits and couldn’t stop smiling. Being near the dolphins makes you feel comfortable and safe like you would never imagine. After the exhilaration of the interactions, the dolphins got to show off and do tricks for us.”

According to Stefanie, the only downside was that the encounter ended too quickly; “Sadly, our time came to an end and we had to get out of the water. Luckily Dolphin Cove Negril videotaped and photographed the whole thing so that we could purchase lifetime memories of our special day before we left. We all felt it was an important memento to have and to keep.”

If you are looking for a secluded environment to enjoy the dolphins, camels, & stingrays head over to Dolphin Cove Negril. A great way to make your trip into a day adventure is to continue the short distance to Negril to enjoy the 7 mile beach.

Contact Dolphin Cove Negril at www.dolphincovejamaica.com or 974-5335.
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