The fun ‘Patwa’ clothing line features Jamaican expressions with an English explanation on T-shirts, tops, shorts, skirts, pants and dresses. Trendsetting among all age groups, expressions on the clothing like Kuh Deh (look there), Nuh Sey Nutten (don’t say a word) or Nuh Badda Mi (leave me alone) continue to evoke many smiles. Available in many trendy colours, Patwa provided pieces for Ms. Jamaica World Kerrie Baylis’ wardrobe when she represented the country in South Africa. Setting off a patriotic clothing trend, the line has been featured on local television programmes such as Smile Jamaica and CVM at Sunrise as well as in the popular Flair Magazine within the Daily Gleaner.

Get your Patwa on!

The collection is available at many stores island wide including Things Jamaican (Norman Manley Int'l Airport, Errol Flynn Marina and Devon House), Fi Wi Brandish (Norman Manley Airport), Casa de Xaymaca (Norman Manley Int’l Airport), Reggae Vibes (Sangsters Int'l Airport), Breezes, Hedonism II resorts, Fontana Pharmacy (Mandeville) and online at tel: 849-2571.
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